Community Listening Sessions


THE JULY 11TH COMMUNITY LISTENING SESSION IN BROOKEVILLE , PA HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR A NEW DATE AND LOCATION !  THANK YOU YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED INTEREST AND SUPPORT.   The Community Listening Sessions are being held to educate the public on why survivors of sexual assault have had the courtroom doors closed on them. Hear survivors personal stories, how long they have held the liability, why they became involved in changing public policy and why Pennsylvania laws need to change now. 



A statute of limitations (or SOL), simply, is the maximum amount of time one has to bring a lawsuit from the time of the injury or other ground for a lawsuit.  SOLs vary from state to state and from claim to claim. For example, a SOL for a lawsuit about a contract may be different from a lawsuit about a personal injury and both may be of varying durations between different states. The statute of limitations may also be set to begin running at different times. Some SOLs begin running at the time of the injury and others begin running when the injury is discovered. In cases with minors, the SOL is “tolled” or doesn’t begin to run until the minor turns 18.



Since civil SOLs are legislative conveniences which may be changed at the will of the Legislature,this also means that it is constitutional for a Legislature to allow victims who have run out of time under a statute of limitations to later bring a suit. This is brought about by passing “Window Legislation” and essentially opens a specified duration in which civil claims that would have been barred can be brought.