Mission Statement


“We will only heal when we hold abusers and those who protect them accountable through speaking the truth and advocating for protections written into our laws that provide survivors with justice!”

We are an organization of survivors, families, and advocates dedicated to addressing the injustice of child sexual abuse in the past and working to prevent such abuse from occurring in the future.

We support survivors and their families through conversation and advocacy. We are available to those in need and can provide introductions to resources to assist survivors trying to cope with such abuse and to move in a more positive direction.

We have taken upon ourselves to address and advocate for stronger state laws to protect children and to give adult survivors the justice they require and deserve. In that regard we advocate for reforming antiquated statute of limitations laws (SOL) that allow perpetrators of child sexual abuse to remain free and to avoid criminal prosecution and civil responsibility.

We desire to educate, protect and support survivors of abuse from its long-term damaging effects and to work on behalf of survivors to change existing laws that limit the abusers responsibility thus enabling them to continue with their lives of crime and the damaging effect of their activities on our states children.

Specifically, we are organized to pass meaningful and long-lasting reforms such as: eliminating the statute of limitations for sexually abused children, create a two-year window for sex abuse victims to report abuse, clarify penalties for a continuing failure to report child abuse, and prohibit “non-disclosure” agreements regarding cooperation with law enforcement.

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere we call on legislators and representatives of all organizations who come into contact with children to adopt a “Zero Tolerance” policy to end the epidemic of child sexual abuse.

The time to act is now! Please join us.

How will you help?


Are you a:
▪Concerned citizen
▪Family/friend of a survivor
How would you like to help:  
▪Hand out literature in your neighborhood.
▪Door to door campaign
▪Attend informational session
▪Fundraising committee
▪Donate to grassroots movement campaign
▪Keep me informed via email on all events, initiatives pertaining to the grassroots movement and legislation.

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